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Dr. Kassandra Cerda


Shaping brighter futures through tailored care and a deep understanding of the developmental crossroads of lifE

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Meet Dr. Kassandra Cerda

Dr. Kassandra Cerda's tale is one of passion and dedication to her craft, with a particular focus on the intricate tapestry of the human mind. Dr. Cerda's doctoral degree in School-Clinical Psychology was obtained at Pace University in 2022. Her journey through the realms of psychological science was marked by diverse training grounds—from community clinics to day treatment programs, and even inpatient hospital settings. There, she honed her skills and expanded her knowledge, treating an array of individuals from children to adults, and families in between.Her areas of expertise are as varied as the people she serves, with a deep dive into the worlds of autism spectrum, anxiety, depression, and behavioral difficulties. She possesses a keen eye for the nuanced interplay between autism and the emergence of psychosis, a specialty that sets her apart in her field.

In the realm of the youngest, Dr. Cerda employs child-centered play therapy, a technique that honors the language of play as a vehicle for healing and understanding. As her patients grow, she transitions to an integrative approach, weaving together various therapeutic strands to tailor a path that respects where they are while also addressing the needs of the present. The therapeutic relationship is her cornerstone, a bond through which she navigates the journey of symptom reduction and personal growth.

With the precision of a scholar and the care of a clinician, Dr. Cerda also conducts psychoeducational evaluations, unraveling the complex threads of learning and cognition. Her story continues to unfold as she brings her unique blend of expertise and empathy to those seeking understanding and support on their journey toward mental wellness.


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