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Current Groups: Summer 2024

8 Week Summer Session:


Mondays July 8th - August 26th, 4:30-6pm & 6:15-7:45pm

Group Description:

  • Dynamic, drama-based social competence groups specifically designed for children and adolescents. These groups harness the power of improvisational games to create a fun and engaging way to learn and practice essential social skills.

  • Our unique approach focuses on fostering meaningful connections, with a strong emphasis on cultivating relationship-building and friendship skills. Through the joy of improv games, participants can explore and develop in areas that are crucial for social interaction.​

  • Key goals of our program include:

    • - Enhancing perspective-taking abilities

    • - Encouraging positive group interactions

    • - Understanding and using body language effectively

    • - And much more!

  • We believe that every individual has the potential to grow and thrive in social settings, and our drama-based groups provide the tools and support to help them succeed.

  • Join us on this creative journey to build confidence and social competence in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

General Information

Join our exciting Social Competence Groups for children and adolescents and unlock the power of connection! Designed for developing minds to thrive in a supportive and engaging environment, our group offers a unique opportunity for children to develop and enhance their social skills in a fun and interactive way.

Led by experienced facilitators, our program focuses on fostering essential communication abilities, promoting empathy, building friendships, and boosting self-confidence. Through a variety of dynamic activities, games, and role-playing exercises, children will learn valuable social techniques such as active listening, effective conversation starters, non-verbal communication, and conflict resolution.

What is a Social Competence Group?

A social competence group is a structured therapeutic program designed to help individuals improve their social interactions and develop effective communication skills. These groups bring together individuals who may struggle with social interactions or face challenges in understanding and responding to social cues.

In a social competence group, participants engage in a variety of activities, discussions, and role-playing exercises that target specific social behaviors. The group provides a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to practice and refine their social abilities, such as connection, conversation, active listening, understanding emotions, empathy, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

Trained professionals utilize evidence-based techniques to guide the participants through various social scenarios, offer constructive feedback, and teach strategies for improving social competence. 

Social competence groups can be beneficial for people who experience challenges related to social interactions, such as those with autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), social anxiety, or difficulties in making friends. By participating in a social competence group, individuals can develop the necessary skills, confidence, and self-awareness to navigate social situations successfully, improve relationships, and enhance overall social and emotional well-being.

Group Format:

Groups are led by Dr. Bianca Marro Boyle, and also include two co-facilitators. Participants are screened and grouped according to age and developmental level. Group size is typically 8-10 participants. Groups run for approximately 90 minutes and are held at the Setauket Neighborhood House. 

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