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Available Services

Diagnostic Assessments

Understanding the root of a concern is vital for effective intervention. Our diagnostic assessments are complete evaluations that help clarify mental health diagnoses, provide valuable insights into an individual's functioning, and inform comprehensive recommendations.

Evaluations for OPWDD

For individuals seeking services from the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), we offer thorough evaluations including Autism Specialty Reports. Our clinicians are adept at conducting these assessments ensuring that individuals and families receive the support and resources they need.

Individual & Family Psychotherapy

Our individual therapy sessions are a cornerstone of personal growth and healing. Tailored to meet your unIque needs, these sessions provide a safe space tor self-exploration, skill development, and overcoming challenges. Additionally, our family therapy services are designed to bolster communication, resolve conflicts, and promote a healthier family atmosphere, helping families to collaboratively create strategies that reinforce mutual support and cultivate positive relationships.

School Consultations

School consultation services are dedicated to fostering an educational environment where every student can thrive. By collaborating with educators, administrators, and parents, we provide strategic insights and tailored interventions to address diverse learning needs, behavior- al challenges, and promote overall school wellbeing.

Social Competence Groups

Unlock the potential of social connection with our SDARI Social Competence Groups, designed to cultivate the art of interaction in a supportive and dynamic setting. Our groups are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their social skills, build meaningful relationships, and navigate the complexities of social nuances with greater ease and confidence.

Parent Training/Behavior Consultation

Parent training and behavior consultation services equip parents with effective strategies to navigate the complex- ities of raising children. Through personalized guidance and practical tools, we empower parents to strengthen their parenting skills, enhance family dynamics, and support overall development.


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