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Nicholas Russo

Undergraduate Psychology Intern

Driven by an enthusiasm for discovery and dedicated to elevating mental health Advocacy.

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Meet Nicholas Russo

Nicholas Russo is an alumnus of Smithtown High School West, class of 2022, who is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at Long Island University Post. With a deep-seated interest in the cognitive processes and behaviors that define human experience, Nicholas has taken an active leadership role on campus as the founder and President of the Psychology Club. Through this organization, he orchestrates a variety of events, activities, and fundraisers dedicated to promoting mental health awareness among students.


Nicholas's passion for psychology is driven by his eagerness to explore the reasons behind people's thoughts and behaviors, as well as his aspiration to assist others in understanding and valuing their own mental health. His academic goals are ambitious, as he intends to continue his education by pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology, with the ultimate aim of practicing in the field that has long been his aspiration.

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